19th Jun 2019

Describe 'Starry Night over The Rhone'...

Describe 'Starry Night over The Rhone'... Describe what you can see in this painting. Is it a warm evening? Or is there a chill in the air? What are those two figures doing?
Write a poem or short story and we will choose some to publish on the site.

Member Poetry

Disability Writes is proud to support disabled writers. Here are a few of our poems...

Body Parts Anon

Ten years and cultivation
Of numerous consultants
I was body parts anon.
A leg, an elbow,
A wrist, a shoulder,
The stomach.
Prods and stares,
Tubes up and down,
The slicing of my skin,
Sawing of my bones
A scratch of many heads.
And finally, diagnosis
No cure
Debate about effects.
Iím a pincushion of blood tests
And mixed messages travel
Unruly round jumbled body.
A day here, a pause there
For a week, maybe longer.
I struggle to understand
Forget at my peril
Rest when I can
Shave off some consultants
To be whole, to be one
Not body parts anon

Copyright Beth Ziale

Be Yourself.

Dynamic, creative,
enjoying life to the full
What an honour, what a
privalige to find at last
One such as him.

Isolation for me is no more.
I am valued, enlightened, supported.
My sense of self- worth restored.
My spirit refreshed
I am less burdened.
My restrictions are no longer my
I have a positive ally
An advocate, a friend, someone alive.
Independence is a right. This is his
Decency,respect, allowing life to be
Promoting dignity, courage.
Showing kindness with sensitivity.
He is understanding. He is enabling.
He helps me to be me.

Copyright Rose Pereira

Assumption (A Play on a Popular Phrase)

Like Sisyphus pushing his rock up a hill
getting dressed is a battle of will,
by my own shaking hand.
I canít speak, but I can talk,
Try to understand.
My memories escape
each day,
But still, I have something to say.
Try to understand.

I want to be a part of the life that I see.
Assume,and you make an ass out of you,
not me.

Copyright Ruby Watson 2015

Being Bullied

Being bullied, not very nice.
Makeís me cry,
Makeís me sad.
Feeling Scared, is that my life?
Being bullied, not very nice.
People shouting,
Not listening to me,
I am sure this only happens to me.
Being bullied, not very nice.
Feeling lonely and depressed, is this all I have left?
Being bullied has made me strong,
The bully is the weakest one.
Being bullied has made me think!
Being bullied, not very nice.

Copyright Self Advocacy in Action Member. Edited by Disability Writes.

What does this photograph say to you?

What does this photograph say to you? What does this photograph say to you?
Can you write a poem or short story in 150 words or less about it?
A selection of the best entries will be posted on the site.

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Have budget cuts in social care affected you?

Cuts to social care continue to take their toll. The utopia of Choice and Control, with disabled people being able to live a life free of the restrictions they may have faced in the past through 'traditional' services, does not seem to be the experience for many today.
Disabled people are telling us that they are facing cuts to their established, and needed, personal care support, with the chance for engaging in a fuller social life, with maximum independence seeming a long distant wish. We'd be interested to know your experiences.
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