19th Jun 2019

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This page allows you to set the visual appearance of the website to suit your needs. Please choose one of the following styles:

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Keyboard Shortcuts

To aid with navigation this site employs keyboard shortcuts and access keys for our main sections and to access specific element of the pages.

To use these shortcut press the 'Alt' key [ALT] followed by the shortcut letter, and then press [ENTER]
  • 1 : home page
  • 2 : contact us
  • 3 : about this site
  • 4 : search field entry
  • 5 : publications
  • 6 : registration
  • 7 : your writing
  • 8 : discussion forums
  • 9 : links
  • 0 : accessibility options
  • s : skip navigation
Keyboard shortcuts will work with the following browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or above
  • Netscape 6 or above
  • Mozilla 4 or above

Text Size

To increase or decrease the text size in your browser you can use your mouse wheel whilst holding down the Control key [CTRL].

Alternately :
  • In Internet Explorer, select: View Text size
  • in Netscape, select: Edit Preferences Appearance Fonts
  • in Opera, select: Tools Preferences Fonts Minimum font size (in pixels)
  • in Mozilla, select: View Text Zoom
  • in Firefox, select: View Font Size, or press the plus [+] or minus [-] keys whilst holding the Control key [CTRL]